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Grade 1-7

Math, English (Writing & Reading) and French (ICONs)



Grade 8-12

Math, English, French, Spanish, Science, Physics, Biology and Chemistry (ICONs)


  • Teaching up to date BC Curriculum. Student-centered courses with focus on improving grades.
  • Hand-picked teachers with many years of experience, highly qualified and enthusiastic.
  • Regular assessment with analytical reports
  • Private and group sessions. Personalized instruction to help build the necessary skills.
  • Group seminars and private consultation for university admission.
  • Regular parent/ teacher meetings
  • Online Report Notification system for parents


Math Results guaranteed!

PLA offers different math programs. Classes help students master the concepts and problem-solving techniques

. If your child is struggling with Math, we guarantee to boost their grades!.

. Your child needs some extra challenge?! PLA is the place! (Is your child too smart for school subjects?! PLA is the place!)

PLA is the home of Math Contestants! Let’s get you ready for the race!


English Grade 1 to 7

  • All grades 1 to 7 reading and writing classes are based on study of novels chosen with references to BC curriculum
  • Development of Critical Thinking skills through daily discussions
  • Weekly writing technique workshops
  • Native-like vocabulary building with Morphological focus


English Grade 8 to 12

  • Emphasis on Analytical Writing and Critical Thinking skills
  • The development of Study skills, Time management aimed at student achievements and a Guarantee of Higher Marks are the least we have to offer.
  • We facilitate Confident Speaking and Strong English comprehension skills. Two key factors for your Success!


French: Kids/ Teen and Adult

A wide range of levels from Beginner to Advanced

Iconic Teaching Granted! With the most recent teaching methods, curricula and equipment to guarantee an exceptional level of acquisition.

PLA French courses have their eye on all essentials; Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening, and Conversation.

What's more?! We have you covered with our DELF classes!


Heading for a diploma? We guarantee your success! We have it all ready for you.

First Step:

Free Placement Test

The first step towards becoming a fluent French speaker is to find which one of our classes suits you the best! And guess what! It's for free!


Take our Smart Placement Test to have a better understanding of where you stand! It's quick and easy!

Don't know any French at all?! No problem! Start with any of our French courses!

About PLA

Passionate Learners Academy (PLA) is a private education center with 25 years of professional background in the fields of ESL and school subjects. PLA has a unique approach towards teaching and learning that helps students to be prepared for a wonderful academic futur.

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